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Health Mentoring

Your health and vitality are important to the quality of your life.

The choices you make every day have a big impact on your overall well-being, and they can affect how long you live as well. To live a happy, healthy lifestyle, three areas need attention.

Physical Health

Physical health is more than just the number on your scale. It consists of many aspects that keep you healthy, happy, and strong! Endurance exercises improve heart function, while strengthening muscles helps balance. Keeping our bodies flexible also prevents falls, but don't forget about stretching because it improves your ease of movement.

Mental & Emotional Health

Good mental and emotional health is the key to a healthy life. Our bodies respond to the way we think, feel, and act. When we're mentally healthy, everything becomes much more pleasant: we enjoy our life and environment.

Spiritual Health & Wellness

Spiritual health is an often overlooked asset to overall wellness. Everyone’s path to spiritual health is different. Some may practice meditation or yoga; others might choose practices that support their connection with a higher power and belief system. When you have good spiritual well-being, it’s easy for your mind and body to become calmer.

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How does health coaching work?

  1. You complete a questionnaire about your current health status and goals.

  2. From your answers, we will create an individualized program and send it to you to review.

  3. You commit to either 2-3 visits in-person or online over a 2-3 month period.

  4. Ongoing visits are scheduled as you need.

Who benefits from health coaching?

If your body or mind isn’t functioning the way it should, I can coach you how. I’ve spent my career giving people “HOPE” their bodies and minds are capable of healing. We all deserve happiness and success in our lives - don't give up on yourself! I’m here to help you!

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