A box of blue surgical masks

Our COVID-19 Guidelines

We follow the State of Vermont Guidelines

We understand that safety is your top priority when it comes to seeking care. At our clinic, we follow all State of Vermont guidelines with COVID precautions to ensure you don't contract the virus or any other illnesses while in our care. We take extra care to disinfect all surfaces and equipment. We also offer virtual appointments, so you can receive the care you need without having to leave the safety of your home. When you come to our clinic, you can rest assured that your safety and health are our top priorities.

To prevent COVID or other transmittable illnesses aren’t passed along to you, we take the following precautions.

  • All of our equipment and treatment areas are cleaned with sanitizing products.

  • We ask for the following information before all in-person appointments.

    • Do you have a fever, headache or chills?

    • Are you fatigued or have body aches?

    • Have you lost your taste or smell?

    • Do you have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?

    • Have you or anyone you have been exposed to tested positive for COVID or been sick in the last week?

    • Do you have a cough, runny nose or sore throat?

    • Have you traveled by public transportation (air, bus or train) in the last week?

    • Have you been out of the country during the last week?

  • For any close hands-on or contact services, we require both parties to wear masks.

  • If you’re ill, we ask you to cancel your appointment, or ask us about setting up an appointment by telehealth.