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About L2 HOPE

Louise Lynch is a specialist in the evaluation & treatment of soft tissue injuries.

As an experienced physical therapist, Louise Lynch has spent her entire career helping people return to work after devastating injuries. She uses a comprehensive range of services, techniques and remedies that are customized for you depending on the nature of your condition.

Her intuitive approach includes modalities like manual therapy or therapeutic neuromuscular re-education. She also applies ergonomics training for the client’s job or lifestyle choices in order to complete their rehabilitation goals effectively while avoiding pain with proper posture. Louise's positive feedback, humor, and encouragement give her clients "HOPE" they can heal during that process.

Louise holds a BS in Physical Therapy and is licensed in the State of Vermont and New York. She's also certified by the Vermont and American Physical Therapy Association, and a member of the Vermont Safety and Health Council, as well as a past council President.

L2 HOPE Services

  • Health coaching provides guidance on changing specific behaviors to improve physical and mental well-being.

  • Occupational solutions to assist attorneys, medical providers and insurance companies in determining whether employees can safely resume full activities following an injury.

  • Physical therapy includes treatments such as manual therapy, performance physical therapy, therapeutic exercise, and others.

  • Ergonomics solutions for the job and lifestyle choices to complete client's rehabilitation goals effectively while reducing pain.

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