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Exercise prescription to improve your optimal health and allow you to meet your activity goals without injury.

Ergonomics is the interplay between the physical environment and the individual worker, and it encompasses much more than typical "distances" or "angles." It's how you interact with your workplace - and when that relationship isn't in alignment, it can result in painful injuries, fatigue, and suffering.

Louise Lynch is a Certified Ergonomic Evaluator Specialist through Matheson Education and Training. She has provided ergonomic consulting services for over thirty years, helping employers and employees find cost-effective solutions that reflect their unique needs. Through tailored assessments of current workstations, she designs safe and healthy work environments to help avoid costly injuries while boosting productivity.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that efficient movement is the key to complete healing.   Employers that provide their employees with the resources to prevent injuries not only save money, but also retain a productive work force.  Employees that are responsible for ensuring they're physically capable of performing their job are able to not only earn a living, but also enjoy life with their families.

Ergonomics Services

L2 HOPE offers a wide variety of risk assessment and safety training services to help businesses keep their employees safe and prevent injuries. Up-to-date tools, such as NIOSH and ANSI Z-365 are used to identify and evaluate workplace risks, including ergonomics.

Customized training programs tailored to the needs and industry, whether online or in person, are available. L2 HOPE will identify problem areas or develop solutions for workplace issues using customized link analysis tools or in-depth ergonomics reports.

Leadership training provides upper management with ergonomic design principles that consider workspace layout, posture, movement patterns, equipment use, and other factors that can impact employee performance and overall well-being. Employee training encourages mindfulness of ergonomic principles, helps reduce workplace injuries, improves safety, and boosts productivity and efficiency.

L2 Hope also offers comprehensive health assessments to help employees establish a baseline for physical wellness. Louise will work with the employer to develop criteria that will be measured and then set up an individualized program based on the employee's goals and the finding of testing.

Create Safe and Healthy Work Environments

When the work environment is designed to fit the needs of the individual, it prevents injuries and boosts productivity. If you have questions about the value of ergonomics in your workplace, or have any questions about ergonomics, get in touch with us today. We'd love to help!

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