The Body is Adaptive

Learn how to make healthy choices to reduce your risk of disease in your life.
Healthy Lifestyle with fruits, vegetables and exercise

Adaptation means our bodies are in a constant state of becoming better suited to our environment. If you think about how you feel today, it's about all the life choices you have or have not made. We are genetically predisposed, but our environment and choices can "turn on" our genetic predispositions. What does this mean for you?

Understand where you come from

Your family history and diseases may be a part of your genetics. This information will help you learn how to make healthy choices to reduce your risk of those diseases in your life. The more you educate yourself, the more likely you can significantly reduce your risk of your "family" genetic predisposition for the disease. Understanding your genetics does not mean "giving up or giving in." It means knowing the risk factors and then doing your best to control those risk factors in your life.

Promote Health and Reduce Risk

Exercise, proper nutrition, spiritual connection, and healthy relationships are a few ways we can promote health and reduce the risk of our genetic predispositions. In a sense, it is a way for us to prevent disease.

Time and Persistence

Keeping your body healthy and productive takes time and persistence, but in the long run, the payout is rewarding. It's not about how many days we get, but the quality of life during those days. It's having enough energy each day to enjoy the beautiful life we've been blessed to live.

The Bottom Line

Every part of our body is in a constant state of self-regeneration. We can either make choices that break it down and leave it scarred and dysfunctional or make choices that build it up and make it stronger and more able to adapt to the environment. It's a fine line. If pushed too hard without time for recovery, it becomes dysfunctional. If not pushed at all, it doesn't get stronger and function to its maximum potential. 

Listen to your body and find the answers that address your genetics and environment. Be your body's advocate and find out what "just right" health means for you. If you're interested in learning more or need help getting started on your own journey to better health, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you!