Health is a Journey and an Adventure

Going to new places, exploring what's available brings joy to my life.
Woman Riding a Bicycle Near Ocean

I love to travel. Going to new places, exploring what is available to bring joy to my life, and making a positive impact on the world is God's gift to us. So how does this relate to our health?

Start With Going to New Places

We tend to live in our routines. Doing the same thing day after day without really thinking about how this routine impacts our health. Then something happens, and our body fails, and we focus on how to fix it. By taking time each day or week to think about what "new places" do I want to focus on that will bring me closer to better health, you can start making small positive changes each day that get you to your "new place" of health. For example, if the "new place" is to be more flexible, then the small change may be adding stretching for 5 minutes to your morning routine.

Adding Joy Leads to Growth

We add "JOY" by connecting to the light and spirit within us. Joy is knowing you're loved and cared for even when your life isn't going as planned. It can seem really uncomfortable, but discomfort usually leads to greater positive change. We can take the same example of stretching. For those of you who are inflexible (physically and mentally), stretching can feel really painful. But gently moving through discomfort and applying positive self-talk that everything can lead to growth and goodness can lead to "JOY."

Stay Open to Changes

The more you grow, explore and stay open to all changes, the greater the adventure becomes. You can finally touch your toes, put on your socks and move with greater freedom. Now that's when the adventure begins. So get out there and move toward better health and enjoy the journey.